Company Philosophy


FWF Full Well and Nisshin Logistics is a full fledged freight forwarder and logistics enterprise offering full intermodal transportation services for inbound and outbound cargo. With our strong commitment in business innovative mind set and the willingness to face every challenge, we have grown to become one of the leading logistics companies in Cambodia today.

Our Vision

The vision of success for FWF Full Well and Nisshin Logisticsis attributed to our company philosophy that has always assured our customers of our dedication, hard work and diligence which have given us the trust and confidence in these years to fulfill our customers’ requirements.


The success of FWF Full Well and Nisshin Logistics is totally focused on customers’ needs and requirements with our totally committed staff that are professionals, credible, efficient, reliable and responsible in handling our customers’ shipments and consignments.


All the accolades and awards that we have achieved are attributed to our staff for their dedication, hard work and determination to meet our customers’ need and requirements. This recognition from our dedicated customers is our greatest achievement and its also our motivation to work harder to solve our customers’ logistics problems.

GOLD Awarded for
Certificate of tax compliance

GDCE license for assortment scheme &
CCT trans-shipments

Member of CLA