dry & cold warehouses

Full Well And Nisshin Logistics offers warehousing in Phnom Penh , Sihanoukville port and also in the borders of Cambodia and Vietnam equipped with CCTV security standard facilities.

sen sok dry warehouse

-Land Side: 8820m2
-Floor Area: 6270m2
-Door: 17 Unit
-Loading Bay: W 3.2cm x H 1.3cm
-Build: 2019
-Location Area: 4-5km close to Aeon Mall Sen Sok city, Makro Supermarket
-Address: Lot#404, Road 16M, Sangkat Krang Thlong, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh

russey keo
Cold warehouse

-Address: #01300, St.598, Sangkat Chrang Chomres, Khan Russeykeo, Phnom Penh
-Loading space: up to 20 Trucks
-Storage size:
——Chill:      108m2 5m Height (0oc to 5oc)
——Frozen: 450m2 5m Height (-18oc to -22oc)

veng sreng
cfs warehouse

-Warehouse size: 2300m2
-Address: Located in So Ngoun Dry port, Veng Sreng street, Sangkat Chom Chao, Phnom Penh, Cambodia